Consignments with the Body Love Shop

One of the ways we help fat folks here at the Body Love Shop is with our consignment program, which allows individual artists and creators to place items in the shop and enjoy increased sales and a wider audience.

What We’re Looking For

  • Artists who identify as fat, superfat, plus size, BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color), disabled, and/or part of the LGBTQIAP+ community
  • Products that deal in some way with body image or living in a fat body, including but not limited to zines, poems, books, illustrations, music, art prints, photographic prints, decor, collectibles, pins, buttons
  • Craft products including, but not limited to, soaps, bath and body items, etc.
  • Handmade or hand-designed items
  • Digital items may be accepted; please inquire
  • No artists will be accepted who promote intentional weight loss, dieting, or “lifestyle changes” in any way
  • No items will be accepted that promote intentional weight loss, dieting, or “lifestyle changes” in any way

Getting Started

Your primary point of contact for consignments is Lindley Ashline, owner of the Body Love Shop.

To get started as a Body Love Shop consignment partner, please contact us and provide some general information about you, your business, and what you’d like to sell.


Our current consignment rate is an 80/20 split: You receive 80% of the profit from each transaction, and we receive 20%. This applies only to product sales, and not to shipping. You will receive 100% of money for shipping.

Profit is the money left over after taxes (if applicable) and credit card fees are subtracted from the total order cost.


With this type of digital consignment, we’re both taking on a certain amount of risk. You’re entrusting your artwork to me and my shop and trusting that I’ll pay you on time and reliably. I’m trusting that you’ll be reliable about sending out items and communicating as needed. Either of us can end this consignment arrangement with two weeks’ notice in writing (email is fine). 


Payment is made via Paypal at the time of a customer order. You’ll be asked to provide an email address for these payments, so provide the address that’s tied to your Paypal account. Alternate payment methods may be considered; please inquire.
I’m not able to compensate for damaged or lost items. If the customer needs a refund for any valid reason, we’ll provide them with the refund and then reach out to you for compensation. (In other words, we will not absorb the cost of refunds.)


  1. You provide all the information and images needed for shop listings (see Need to Know).
  2. I’ll create shop listings for each item as well as a central page for all your listings, then send you a link.
  3. When someone purchases an item, I’ll forward you the receipt with their mailing address as well as payment (via Paypal) for both the item (minus the consignment fee) and shipping cost.
  4. You ship the item to the customer within 10 business days (sooner is better).


I will assume your item is in stock unless you tell me otherwise, so it’s vital that you communicate.

You’ll let me know whenever you run low on inventory (for any given item) or are taking a break/travel that would interfere with prompt shipping of items. In response, I’ll mark your item(s) as out of stock in the shop until you let me know you’re ready to resume delivery.

I’ll keep you updated on anything that might affect your item(s) in the shop, as well as customer feedback.
If a customer reaches out to me with a complaint about an item or a shipping company needs to be contacted about a lost order, I will direct them to you. You’re expected to communicate with customers promptly and politely as needed.

Good to Know

I recommend using the website Pirate Ship for your shipping, if you’re within the U.S. It gets you the best shipping rates and it’s free. I can’t say enough good things about it. (I’m not compensated in any way for recommending it.)

You may need to do some groundwork on how to pack and ship your artwork in different sizes to fill out the Need to Know section.

As you’re figuring out packaging, please be sure to include appropriate packing materials to protect your item(s) in transit. Improperly protected items WILL get damaged in the mail.

The shop automatically calculates shipping prices by using the item’s dimensions and weight. You do not need to provide shipping prices.

We will add a note to each of your listings that shipping may take up to 10 business days.

Be thorough in your item descriptions! People want details. For art prints, you might describe the type of paper, what’s depicted on the page, what inspired you or led you to create this, etc. I will adjust and add to item descriptions as needed.

Remember that appealing, high-quality item images are vital. We recommend looking up photography tips for Etsy sellers if you need help in this area.

Digital items may be accepted for sale; please inquire.

Need to Know (Required to Move Forward)

Once you’ve applied and been approved as a consignment partner, please provide the information below.

General Information

  1. A bio and image for your central seller page (+ our social media)
  2. Your email address for Paypal payments
  3. Any additional information on your art techniques, process, etc. that might be interesting for potential customers (to be used on your seller page + social media)

Item Information

Please provide this information for each item to move forward with consignment. That includes the same artwork in different sizes, since each one will have a different weight. 

  1. Item name
  2. Item price (not including consignment fee or shipping cost)
  3. Item description (remember this will be what potential customers see)
  4. Item image(s) (ideally, at least two high-quality images)
  5. Dimensions without packaging (e.g., 5×7″ art print)
  6. Dimensions, including packaging
  7. Weight, including packaging
  8. Any variations for this item that do not change the size or weight (e.g., color)
  9. Any shipping delay due to handmade nature of the item (e.g., add two weeks for creation time)

We’re looking forward to working with you!

The Body Love Shop Team