Author & Coach Thekla Richter | Small Business Branding & Visuals Photography in Seattle, WA

Thekla Richter’s small business branding photography session was so much fun! The weather cooperated perfectly, which is rare for Seattle in November: a beautiful sunny day with air crisp enough to keep us from getting sweaty.

Thekla (pronounced Tech-luh — I was dying to know, too) writes middle-grade fantasy books (ask her about the space fairies!) with amazing girl protagonists who help children connect to feelings of empowerment, hope, joy, and freedom.

She also runs a life coaching business, which centers around playful productivity coaching for creative people. You can find more on all her work at

Our goal with Thekla’s session was to not only capture some specific images for various parts of her website, but to get lots of great general-use images for social media, profile pictures and other uses that might pop up (oh, say, author images for book jackets).

Hi there! I’m Lindley (she/her, pronounced LIN-lee). I’m a professional body positive and fat positive portrait, boudoir and small business photographer in Seattle, WA.

I create artwork that celebrates the unique beauty of bodies that fall outside conventional “beauty” standards at Body Liberation Photography. I’m also the creator of Body Liberation Stock, which provides body-positive stock photos for commercial use, and the Body Love Box, a monthly body-acceptance subscription box. Find all my work at

This video was created on land belonging to the Duwamish tribe. I support the tribal council monthly and you can too:

Hi! I’m Lindley

I’m a professional photographer (she/her, pronounced LIN-lee) who celebrates the unique beauty of bodies that fall outside conventional “beauty” standards. I live outside Seattle, WA.
People come to me for:

  • Body-safe portrait, boudoir and small business photography sessions
  • Diverse stock photos
  • Fat fine art photographs
  • Health at Every Size (HAES)-aligned consulting, writing and editing
  • The Body Love Box, my monthly body-positive subscription box

I talk about and photograph fat folks because representation of large bodies in the world is vital to our body liberation. Join me for weekly thoughts on body acceptance plus quick and useful resources for your own journey.

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