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This calendar is provided as a public resource for the body positivity, fat acceptance, plus-size fashion, and Health at Every Size (HAES) communities. I’m not affiliated with any events except the ones in bold, and at this time I’m not compensated for any event listings.

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⁣Oh my love, I’m so sorry you’ve gone most of your life thinking it was you. That you needed to squeeze yourself into molds and ideas that were not your own. That you had to shape-shift yourself in order to feel as if you deserve love. That loving yourself meant changing yourself into someone who deserved love from society. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This was never the truth, and you always knew this. You knew it when it would strum through your mind, but you dismissed it out of fear that it if you listened to that voice — the one that told you the truth, that your body would change into someone who you couldn’t accept. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ But now you get to listen to that truth and you get to decide if you want to live with that being your mantra onward.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ And I hope you do. I hope you know that this doesn’t just apply to your body; it applies to every arena in your life.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You were never here to shape-shift. You were here to create your own shape, your own mold. Your own life. The one you have alway deserve. ⁣

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December 3: Intermittent Fasting & Eating Disorders: When Life in the Fasting Lane Takes a Turn for the Worse, Online

December 3-8: Two Big Blondes Clothing Consignment Annual Holiday Sale, Seattle, WA

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Melbourne, I have opened registrations for Beyond My Body: a group art therapy program for body distress starting December 5th and running for 7 sessions fortnightly until the start of March. . . Beyond My Body is a group art therapy program for adults looking to reclaim who they are beyond their body by beginning to soften the tension around body image distress, self-criticism, perfectionism and internalised social constructs (sexism and fat phobia). Built upon a foundation of weight inclusive, Health At Every Size® principles, the program draws upon theory from expressive arts therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, existential approaches and the feminist empowerment relational model. . . Please visit and scroll down to Group Art Therapy to download the information PDF or send me a DM. Places are limited to a maximum of 8. . . #arttherapy #grouptherapy #melbourne #mentalhealth #healthateverysize #haes #haesig #bodyimage #bodydysmorphia #edrecovery #dietculture

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December 5: When Diets Don’t Work: 3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body with Judith Matz, Online

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How to Deal with the Holiday’s – Building skills around mindfulness and boundaries. Are you worried about the upcoming holiday season? Do you feel like you are not going to be able to deal with your family this year? Come on Saturday December 7th at 11 am to learn about ways you can be different this holiday season. Taught by Stephenie Hansen Del Rio and Dr Kari Logan, this class will start to explore the neurological underpinning of our stress response, an introduction to mindfulness, and ways to set boundaries. You will leave with an new understanding of yourself and some concrete skills to take with you to your holiday events. Register at (select Ballard location then select classes) a $10 suggested donation will go to supporting @realrentduwamish @maemindbody @hansendelrio #rootedhearthealthcare #rootedhearthealth #class #holiday #mindfulness #boundaries #howtodealwiththeholidays #maemindbody

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December 6: Body Rebels: Yoga & live music with Amber Karnes & Heather Mae, Baltimore, MD

December 7-8: Fat Artists’ Open House & Overstock Sale, Renton, WA

December 7: More Fats More Femmes Holiday Market 10.0, Seattle, WA

December 7: Celebrate Strong KNEES 5 fun ways to be strong w/out weight loss, Online

December 14: Move Your Curves Workshop, NYC   

December 14: Fat Kid Dance Party, Seattle, WA

December 14: Ribbon Shirt Making Class with Alice Oligario, Hibulb Cultural Center, Tulalip, WA

December 16: Infusing Inclusion Course, Online

December 20: Applications due for CALL FOR DESIGNERS: Celebrate Your Body

December 26: Seattle Body Liberation Book Club (date will probably change)

◇─◇──« January 2020 Events »──◇─◇

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LONDON, I HAVE A V. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! – We have prepared the most amazing one-night show for you and we are not fucking around when we say… It’s going to be INCREDIBLE and HALF the tickets are gone after 24 hours so… READ THIS INFO REAL QUICK (or just swipe through) AND GO GET YRS! – Imagine ALL of these AMAZING HUMANS on ONE STAGE: 🔥@travisalabanza 🔥@bodyposipanda 🔥@thevagaggle 🔥@sofiehagendk 🔥@scarrednotscared 🔥@glamrou 🔥@scotteeisfat 🔥@tomglitter🔥@josierones AND a special guest at @unionchapeluk! – Comedy. Drag. Dancing. Burlesque. Speaking. Singing. One night only. It’s simply unmissable. Most importantly, the tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW. – Links to 🎟 tickets 🎟 are in my stories, on my blog or on the official website (which also has details on the venue, performers, and accessibility!) – – GO FORTH, BE GREAT, AND BUY A TICKET SO YOU CAN COME BE WITH ALL OF US! – #TheWorldIsOnFireShow

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January 6: No Diets in the New Year: A Virtual Support Group for Folks Leaving Diet Culture, Online

January 11: Creating a Healthy Sports Culture, Seattle, WA

January 13: No More Weighting: The Body Trust® E-Course, Online

January 25: Size-Inclusive Snowshoe Adventure, Nederland, CO

Late January: Becoming Eating Disorder Aware: A Training Series, Online

◇─◇──« February 2020 Events »──◇─◇

February 6-7: Freeing the Body Narrative (Professional Training), Portland, OR

February 23-26: Reclaiming Body Trust Retreats, Stockbridge, MA

◇─◇──« March 2020 Events »──◇─◇

March 8-10: Reclaiming Body Trust Retreats, Detroit, OR

March 11-17: The Body Trust Summit, Online

March 13-15: Fat Adventure Club, Oregon Coast: Spring Yurt Retreat, Tillamook, OR

◇─◇──« April 2020 Events »──◇─◇

◇─◇──« May 2020 Events »──◇─◇

May 4-7: Body Trust Provider Certification Training Program (Professional Training), Portland, OR

May 14-15: Responsive Feeding Therapy Conference, Dallas, TX

May 29-30: Reclaiming Body Trust Retreats, Portland, OR

◇─◇──« Past Events & Finds »──◇─◇

Just released: The Black Business Corner

Just released: A Kids Book About Body Image

Just released:Plus-Size Superhero Book

Just released: 150 Holiday Self-Care Activities (Health at Every Size aligned)

New find:The Body Poscast

New find: Disability Visibility Podcast

New find: Deb Burgard on “What can poodle science teach us about weight loss and body trust?” (audio)

New find: Redefining Health & Wellness Podcast

November 1:Say Yes to You Workshop, Chicago, IL

**November 2: Lindley’s destashing beads and art supplies at the Timberlane Holiday Bazaar, Covington, WA**

November 2: Liberating Jasper Community Open House, Tacoma, WA

November 2: Copper Union Pop Up at Plus BKLYN, Brooklyn, NY

**November 3: Seattle-Area Plus-Size Clothing Swap, Renton, WA**

November 4: Binge Eating Disorder: Clinical Interventions to Treat Underlying Trauma, Body Shame, and the Binge/Diet Cycle, Orlando Park, IL

November 6:Binge Eating Disorder: Clinical Interventions, Schaumburg, IL

**November 7: Body Liberation Photos fine art prints will be available at**

November 7:Fall Career Fair for Trans, Non-binary, and Intersex job seekers, Los Angeles, CA

November 7: Free book club for 150 Holiday Self-Care Activities book, Thousand Oaks, CA

November 7: Body Love Yoga with Anna Chapman, Portland, OR

November 7-8:Desiree Lynn Adaway at the 3% Conference

November 14: Body Love Yoga with Anna Chapman, Portland, OR

November 16: Move Your Curves Workshop, NYC 

November 22:I Do To Do– inclusive wedding planning social event, Portland, OR 

November 22:Body Liberation: How to Change Our Life While Also Changing the World with Jes Baker, New Orleans, LA  

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