95 Boxes of Love in the Mail, 95 Boxes of Love

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Yesterday I waved to the mail truck as it drove away with NINETY-FIVE Body Love Boxes.

Ninety-five. Y’all. What even.

A large number of small cardboard boxes are contained within larger cardboard boxes on a table in a garage.
95 Body Love Boxes, plus a few super late Christmas gifts, staged for the mail carrier in my garage.

(Funny story: I set up a USPS pickup because I was not going to schlep 95 boxes to the post office. The website form asks you for the total number of packages and the total weight, but not the dimensions of the packages.

The mail carrier arrived, took one look at the neatly stacked piles of Body Love Boxes in my garage, and said “…Yeah, I’ll need to come back after my route is done so there’s room in my truck.”)

Two women stand next to a pile of Body Love Boxes stacked on a coffee table in a living room. Their arms are up in the air and they're celebrating.
My friends A and S, who hung out for an afternoon while we packed boxes and ate pizza.

The entire Body Love Box concept originated in a whim I had this summer. I’ve been giving my photography clients little swag bags for years, full of body positive stickers and pencils and artwork. So many people were delighted by them that I started wondering whether anyone was doing a subscription box with similar products.

No one was, so I started researching and planning. With several years’ worth of experience in creating ethical business frameworks for Representation Matters under my belt*, my immediate questions were:

How can I change the world with this business?

How can I elevate the work of marginalized populations?

How can I pay my suppliers and myself a living wage?

What kind of market is there for this?

Will people subscribe?

Three women sit next to a pile of Body Love Boxes stacked on a coffee table in a living room. They're all smiling.
Feeling accomplished!

And you did! You stood up and said, “YES, this is what I want. Give me more body love in my life.”

I thought you might want 20 or 30 boxes in this first month. No: YOU WANTED NINETY-FIVE. And it’s only growing from here.

Three women sit next to a pile of Body Love Boxes stacked on a coffee table in a living room. They're all smiling.
Silly hands version!

I am flush with gratitude and have been for months now. (Seriously: Every time an order comes in, my face turns red with sheer glee.) Thank you for supporting the Body Love Box, and for being here.

We have so much power when we reclaim our lives and our time from diet culture. This is the power of the body acceptance, body positive, fat positive, fat acceptance, and fat activist community.

Together we can make things happen that are bigger than even our ample selves.

Together we can give marginalized artists a livelihood.

Together we can create a community in spite of diet culture’s attempts to isolate and shame us.

Together we can claim the versions of physical and mental health that work for our bodies and our lives.

Together we can surround ourselves with positive images, quotes and resources that depict a dizzyingly diverse array of body types, shapes, sizes, abilities and ethnicities.

Together we can create a monthly subscription box that’s meant just for *us*.

We can use it to make that community available to folks who don’t have access to in-person community.

We can use it to elevate the voices of the most marginalized of us.

We can use it to further our own learning and exploration.

We can use it to show our solidarity and improve our own body image, day after day.

A pile of small cardboard boxes is stacked on a coffee table along with packing supplies. Each box has a fat unicorn sticker.
Boxes all ready to go.

I’ll be announcing the full lineup for February’s box as soon as all the products arrive. In the meantime, here’s the theme: In Love with Me.

In February, we’ll be celebrating our current bodies in all their curvy, sexy glory. You can subscribe and get February’s box any time from today through January 31, and you’ll receive your box around February 10, just in time to keep you company for Valentine’s Day.

Subscribe here: http://www.thebodylovebox.com

*How can I change the world with this business? How can I elevate the voices of marginalized populations? How can I pay my models, my contributors and myself a living wage? How can I make my product accessible to marginalized folks who are also my customers?

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