{review} The Womanizer Plus: Right for plus-size babes?

Review of the Womanizer Plus sex toy for plus size fat women by Lindley Ashline

In a nutshell: sexy, easy to use and great in one specific area

Y’all, I’m reviewing a sex toy. Whoa.

One of the most powerful aspects of boudoir photography is the journey I’ve been privileged to experience in my own relationship with my body. As you know, I’m a firm advocate for body acceptance and positivity, but we all have areas in our own lives that are easy to leave unexamined.

When Chrystal at Curvy Girl Lingerie asked me to review the Womanizer Plus, I accepted with delight. And then proceeded to procrastinate about it for quite a while. Talking about sex is sensitive. It’s delicate. It can be awkward. It took me quite a while to write.

Here’s my vulnerably complete review of the Womanizer. I hope it’s helpful for you, too.

The Name

I know, I know, the name. It’s…a thing. In defense, the manufacturer is German, where the word has different connotations. Amy Pence-Brown’s review of the Womanizer actually made me feel a lot better about the name. Putting power back in the hands of women is a pretty great concept!

The Look

First off, I appreciate that this thing isn’t pink. Not everything aimed at women needs to be pink! The designers had enough respect for their audience to give the Womanizer a sleek, elegant exterior in white, black and gold. It looks and feels high quality. It’s heavy enough that it has a bit of heft, but not so heavy that you’re likely to drop or fumble it.

When plugged in via USB to charge, the silicone tip does glow bright green, so be aware of that if nighttime glow is a problem for you. (When unplugged or in use, it doesn’t light up.)

The Reach

As someone with a large body *and* hand, wrist and arm issues from tendonitis, I found the long, tapered handle on the Womanizer to be a huge perk. Holding it is comfortable, not just more-or-less-doable.


When I took my first look at the Womanizer, I thought, “Oh wow, this is going to be hard to clean.” The silicone tip looked like it might not come off the body easily, and I was worried that the body itself might be the sort of “clean it without actually getting it wet” appliance (like my room humidifier and waffle maker) that would regularly annoy me. Nope! Pop the silicone tip off, submerge that bad boy in the sink and clean it.

Review of the Womanizer Plus sex toy for plus size fat women by Lindley Ashline


Speaking of submerging things, the Womanizer’s waterproof nature adds to the luxe feel and is, of course, quite handy. I have yet to use it underwater, but I tested the suction on my hand while cleaning it, with it submerged in the sink, and it seemed to work quite nicely there.

On Target

The Womanizer is meant for direct clitoral stimulation. I’m going to quote the creators on how this works:

“PleasureAir gently sucks the user into the soft silicone tip and surrounds the user with gentle yet incredibly effective pressure waves.”

“Incredibly effective” is really, really accurate here. The suction feeling is unusual and took me a couple of minutes to get used to, but after that: instant orgasm. It’s an extremely focused sensation, but not overwhelming.

For me, both the benefit and the downside of the Womanizer were its focused nature. It’s meant to work on the clitoris, and wow, does it ever — but you don’t get any stimulation anywhere else.

(Note that I also think this would be a wonderful toy for nipple stimulation. That’s not my thing personally, but anyone who possesses nipples and enjoys direct stimulation might really enjoy this toy.

Overall: Recommended

If, like me, you prefer your sensations pre-orgasm to be spread out over a wider area than just the clitoris, you might find like I did that this is a fantastic finisher. At $200+, the Womanizer is an investment, especially for a toy that I found was a bit limited in range, but the look, feel and function still deliver in quality.

If you really enjoy direct clitoral or nipple stimulation and want it in a package that’s easy for a large or non-limber body, the Womanizer Plus is a good choice.

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This post was created in collaboration with Curvy Girl Lingerie/Bliss Connection, a fiercely body positive site that carries plus-size lingerie in sizes 14-28. I was provided with a free Womanizer Plus in return for my review. All opinions are most definitely my own.

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