{explore} the sequim lavender festival

(This post was originally published at Sweet Amaranth in 2015.)

We’d only been at the Sequim lavender festival with our friends R and JR for two minutes when I put away my camera. It was 95 degrees and the festival was far too crowded to get good shots without annoying everyone around me.

(Have I mentioned this summer being incredibly hot and bright?)

Instead of shots of random folks’ backs, I’m going to share some shots I took a few years ago at Seven Oaks Lavender Farm in Catlett, Virginia.

rabbit and lavender blossoms from seven oaks lavender farm in manassas, va

The Sequim festival itself is a cute little street fair, with a surprisingly large number of crafters’ booths and lots of yummy-looking* food. There were lavender farm tours available across the street, but the four of us were taken aback by the heat and content to wander around the booths.

The festival itself is a pretty big deal here; despite Sequim being a couple of hours away from Seattle, there was heavy traffic the whole way.

map from renton, wa, to sequim, wa

I’m a sucker for crafter types and anything lavender-scented, so I left with a bundle of lovely things. Lavender soap and bubble bath from Lord Jensen Lavender; a pashmina in my favorite shade of teal from Pashmina Palace; some tiny beautiful succulents from Phocas Farms;  delicious roasted garlic granules and BBQ sauce from Garlic Gourmay.

rabbit and lavender blossoms from seven oaks lavender farm in manassas, va

I also met Andrea of Lavender Jewelry,  who works on a lavender farm and in her spare time makes these amazing lampwork glass lavender blooms. I’ve got my eye on these pretty glass lavender flower ear jackets.

At one point, R and I collapsed into the shade of an umbrella between booths, moaning about the heat and how neither of us had been smart enough to put our long hair up that day. The next booth over happened to be run by someone selling hair sticks! Talk about a sales opportunity. She called us over and showed us how to use what she calls hair claws or hair forks to put our hair up in a bun and keep it there.

It works beautifully, and we each bought one. (Mine has a Hello Kitty design!) Here’s her sales page for hair claws, and I might have to buy more — I use mine almost every day while I work to keep my hair out of my face.

queen anne's lace and bee on a black-eyed susan at seven oaks lavender farm in manassas, va

You know how when you’re a kid, summer heat never seems to bother you? Well, adulthood got to us all, and after a few hours we were a straggling, sweaty, heatsick mess. We piled back into my car and headed towards Port Townsend for dinner — but that’s another story.

bees on lavender blossoms at seven oaks lavender farm in manassas, va

*I was far too hot to want anything to eat, but I had a sip of R’s lavender mocha and it was delicious.

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