{Body Positive SmallBiz Session} Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan

Have you ever met someone who’s just a force for good in your life?


Who not only sweeps you up in her positive energy, but cheerfully expands your world with other people who are just as amazing?


That’s Meredith.


Meredith is a diet recovery coach who specializes in Health At Every Size, intuitive eating, body positivity and joyful movement. Her website is a treasure trove of information on those topics, plus body positive artists and podcasts (check out the Resources tab!).


I love the quote from which her business name, Made on a Generous Plan, originates:

If you’ve been made on a generous plan, you have qualities that littleness can never possess. Who with any authority has said that slender persons are of the best type? Only carry yourself well, be reposeful and stately, with a brain that sits supremely on the throne of your being, and you may come into your kingdom of power and love.


Beauty of Form and Grace of Vesture, 1892

Frances Mary Steele and Elizabeth Livingston Steele Adams


Meredith came to Sweet Amaranth for photos for her coaching website and social media presence that would be taken from a deep grounding in body acceptance and love.

Stock Photo: Intuitive Eating Hands Holding Apples on Tree

We were strangers when she came to her portrait session. Since then I’ve been proud to call her a dear friend.




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