{explore} clark lake

(This post was originally published at Sweet Amaranth in 2015.)

A bright afternoon at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Lately, I’ve been working with coach Kellie J. Walker on some stress-busting strategies and planning some amazing things for Sweet Amaranth. She and I had just gotten off the phone; I was bursting with inspiration and ready to do sketching and journal work. I generally write digitally — my hands are more easily able to keep up with my thoughts that way — but sometimes the slow stroke of pen on paper is better for brainstorming, so off to a local park I went.

Clark Lake Park is a nice little park down the road from us in Kent, WA, with winding walking trails leading to a small lake. This was my first visit, and I had rushed out of the house in a floor-length maxi dress and flip-flops — not ideal for strolling roughly graveled paths. Oops.

A bright afternoon at Kent Lake Park in Kent, WA
Tall pines and grassy undergrowth at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA.

Thankfully, the trail to the lake was pretty short. The lake itself was in full sun and incredibly bright, so I didn’t take many photos that day (though I did the next time I went). Instead, I settled down on the blanket I’d brought and wrote for an hour or so.

Joggers jogged by, walkers laughed at their dogs splashing in the shallows, and the wind ruffled the sun-warmed grasses.

A bright afternoon at Kent Lake Park in Kent, WA

(According to a document [PDF] from the City of Kent, the park is actually partly privately owned. The owner has been petitioning the city for permission to subdivide the land and build homes right on the lake shore, which would ruin the park. Instead, the city’s trying to buy the land and preserve it. Fingers crossed that it works out.)

A shaded boardwalk at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

A shaded boardwalk near the lake

Marsh wildflowers at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Late-summer wildflowers

Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

A small dock on the other side of the lake. A trail winds from the dock around to the lakeshore where I stood to take this

Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Pond plants and ripples

A forest pathway at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

A tree-shaded trail leading through the woods to farm fields

Spiderwebs and dewdrops at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Raindrops from a passing shower on a spiderweb

Wild cyclamen at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Wild cyclamen growing pink and perfect in the shade of tall trees and undergrowth

Evergreen details at Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

Delicate shadows on a tree trunk. I don’t know my Pacific Northwest trees yet, so I can’t identify this one!

A farmhouse near Clark Lake Park in Kent, WA

A farmhouse and rolling hills bordering the park

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