studio details, january

It’s a rare day of winter sun here outside Seattle, and I’m puttering around my portrait studio here at Alcove House, drinking in the light pouring through the windows and capturing the small details that make up my surroundings.

Vivid and bright orange gerbera daisies in a glass jar against my teal blue wall

Vivid orange gerbera daisies that the Viking brought me while I had a cold earlier this week, in a glass jar on the desk in my office.

Gerbera daisies blooming at my boudoir studio in Renton, WA

Details of the gerbera daisies in black and white, which brings out the texture of each petal.

Juniper berries, a candle in a lotus holder, and my "you are always enough" notebook in my portrait photography studio

At left, berries on a branch of juniper that I bought in December at Metropolitan Market in Kirkland. The branch is still going strong in a vase of water.

At right, my “You are Always Enough” notebook (where I do most of my Sweet Amaranth planning) under a glass lotus candleholder I’ve had for ages. That candleholder has been through I-don’t-know-how-many moves, has had petals broken off and glued back on, and is still going strong. One of my best ever thrift-store finds.

Sparkling rhinestone earrings on an antique book with an ornate pressed leather green cover

Sparkling rhinestone earrings I picked up this week at A Masquerade Costume in Bellevue. They’re having a moving sale and I found some great boudoir accessories. I’ll post about them soon! I adore these earrings; the top half is a firm shape, while the bottom half of each earring swings freely. They’re a bit evocative of Old Hollywood and look a little like wings as well.

Details of ornate earrings at my plus-size boudoir studio outside Seattle, WA

At left, another find from A Masquerade, vintage rhinestone earrings. At right, modern India-inspired earrings and vintage books.

Tansy the cat checking out a fuzzy hat with cat ears

Tansy the cat enjoys being the center of attention and always photobombs my product shots. (She’s also incredibly shy, so clients never see her — she only photobombs me!) Here, she’s investigating the puffballs on a cheeky cat-ear hat.

xoxo, Lindley

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