What do I wear to a plus-size boudoir photography session?

One of the most frequent questions I hear about boudoir photography, especially for plus-size women, is “What do I wear??” As larger women, it’s particularly challenging for us to find fancy lingerie that fits, but the good news is that you don’t have to!

One of the nifty things about boudoir photos is that you don’t have to have a huge wardrobe to look great!

Ms. H, a plus size woman in a boudoir photo

Meet Ms. H, who has Pacific Islander heritage and came to me for a session last month. Isn’t she beautiful? Ms. H didn’t really have any lingerie she liked, so instead she brought some tight jeans, her hubby’s flannel shirt, a few pairs of undies and a few tight stretchy tops, and she looked fabulous.

Boudoir photo shoot with Ms. H, a full figured woman in Seattle

Some people don’t happen to have intricate lingerie, and some people just don’t feel like themselves in it, and it’s all good. Pretty lingerie is fun to show off, but in the end it’s at least as much about posing and suggestiveness, and if you’re having fun and feeling sexy it shows no matter what.

boudoir photos of plus size women

what to wear to a plus size boudoir photography session

That said, if you want to indulge, getting fancy can be a lot of fun! Take a look at Ms. K’s session to see a plus-size woman all dolled up for boudoir.

Here’s a list of resources that I send out to clients in pre-session emails that will help you find the perfect pieces for your boudoir session. I highly, highly recommend Hips & Curves, especially for hosiery like stockings.

» Big Gals Lingerie (like a plus-size Fredericks of Hollywood, up to 28)

» Etsy (look for sellers that offer clothing with custom measurements)

» Hips and Curves (classy lingerie and costumes up to 62” hip)

» Simply Be (cute bra and panty sets up to 28)

» Torrid (cute bras, panties, and corsets up to 28)

Ms. H brought along a beautiful purple pareo, a traditional Tahitian fabric wrap. It complemented her skin tone perfectly!

plus size boudoir photography of Ms. H

plus size boudoir photos of Ms. H

Also, keep in mind costumes and themed shoots if you’re not into lingerie. Here are a few more ideas you might have a lot of fun trying:

» Are you handy? Bring a hard hat, tool belt, and uniform shirt.

» Try a pinup look with short shorts and a plaid top or a vintage-style dress and heels.

» Find a great bikini and hop in the bathtub or hot tub for another pinup-style idea. (We have both here at my studio!)

» Rummage in your significant other’s wardrobe for ideas, and surprise them with photos of you lounging sexily in their clothing.

» Go all out on last year’s sexy Halloween costume. For this one, you’ll really want to embrace the costume plus all the accessories!

» Have an interesting outdoor hobby, like flying kites or surfing? Bring that kite or board along!

» Embrace a geek girl theme and bring along your D&D manuals, dice, and DM screen.

tasteful boudoir photos of plus-size women

What kind of far-out ideas have you had for boudoir shoots?

xoxo, Lindley

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