Hiya! I’m Lindley. I help plus-size and fat folks reclaim their bodies with stunning body positive boudoir and lifestyle portrait photography. I specialize in working with people of all sizes, ethnicities and genders, not just the ones whose bodies are likely to be seen in magazines and advertisements.

I come from a body positive and fat positive ethical grounding, so I work primarily with folks who live in large bodies, are people of color and/or members of the LGBTQIAP+ community.

My photographic style is vivid and lush, with crisp focus and lingering attention to details. I work outdoors when Seattle weather permits for an ever-changing natural backdrop.

Our culture sets a very narrow range of “acceptable” bodies and punishes those who fall outside it.

This narrow ideal affects us. A recent study found that “70% of teen girls agreed that magazines strongly influenced what they thought was the ideal body type.” Also, “Numerous correlational and experimental studies have linked exposure to the thin ideal in mass media to body dissatisfaction, internalization of the thin ideal, and disordered eating among women.”

I think every body on the planet is beautiful and worthy just as it exists today. That’s why I’m channeling my 15 years of photography experience into creating stunning portraits of non-mainstream bodies, particularly curvy and full-figured women. I work with people of all sizes, genders, orientations, ability levels, and ethnicities. I have a natural gift for finding the unique beauty in every person and making them feel comfortable, safe and empowered.

This kind of judgment-free approach is extraordinarily rare in the crowded photography market. In fact, I’m so committed to this approach that unlike most portrait photographers — who do heavy skin retouching and routinely make their clients look thinner by using tricks like the Photoshop ‘liquefy’ tool — the only retouching I do is light skin smoothing, very subtle blemish removal and a few tweaks to make clients’ eyes come alight in the final images.

If you’d like to chat further about my work and my body positive approach, I’d be delighted! I’m available for interviews and follow-up questions as well. You can reach me by any of the methods below.

Lindley Ashline

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Lindley Ashline


Facebook: Body Liberation Photos

Instagram: @bodyliberationphotos

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Website: http://www.bodyliberationphotos.com

Company Information

Launched: August 2015

Owner: Lindley Ashline

Company Profile

Body Liberation Photos is a Seattle, WA-based portrait and boudoir photography studio. Photographer Lindley Ashline helps large-bodied and fat people of all genders reclaim their gorgeous, their sexy, and their confident with stunning body-positive portrait and boudoir sessions. These sessions range from 60-minute boudoir sessions to far-flung, day-long sessions in the beautiful Washington state wilderness.

What makes Body Liberation Photos different is Lindley’s grounding and ethical foundation in body acceptance. Her commitment to respecting and elevating all bodies leads her to seek out clients and models who have what might be called “non-mainstream” or underrepresented bodies and ethnicities such as plus sizes, LGBTQIAP+, and people of color. This commitment means that people of all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds are truly welcomed — not just tolerated — and that the poses clients are coached through are designed for each unique body.

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Products & Services


  • 60- and 90-minute boudoir photography sessions
  • 60-minute, 90-minute and all-day portrait photography sessions
  • Headshots
  • Combined portrait/headshot sessions for small business owners (used for websites, social media profiles), otherwise known as small business branding or visuals
  • Love for Life: Pay once, enjoy a series of discounted portrait sessions over a number of years


  • Digital and printed images
  • Luxury albums
  • Heirloom folio box (holds matted prints)
  • Photo slideshow videos and smartphone apps

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Reviews & Testimonials

“I would say that Lindley is the most amazing photographer. Her fun, upbeat and positive spirit puts her clients at ease. And she is able to find and draw out each person’s inner beauty in her photos. Just go for it! It is totally worth it and splurge a little and go for the hair and makeup!”

“If you are in the Seattle Area and looking to capture your, Confidence, Radiance, Vulnerability, and Strength on Film, then please contact Sweet Amaranth. She’s more than just a photographer, she becomes your friend and helps to unlock your inner Goddess. Thank you, Lindley.”

“Lindley is a photographer who specializes in photographing plus-size women. I was completely psyched to find such a talented photographer who also has a body positive approach.”

Sample News Story

It happens every day. A photographer coaches a client into a carefully designed pose, guiding her to lie on her back on a sofa, angle her legs in a certain way across the cushions, bend her knees slightly and point the toes of her heeled shoes just so, then stands back to take a photo for her portfolio.

This isn’t an ordinary model, though, and this is most definitely not an ordinary photography business. Lindley Ashline, of Seattle’s Body Liberation Photography, has sought out a model who’s far larger — and darker-skinned — than is found in most photographers’ works. The model, a woman of Hawaiian and Tongan descent, is here to help Lindley test some new poses, show off her new lingerie, and smash a few more of the barriers facing women who don’t meet mainstream beauty standards.

A bubbly, plus size 30-something, Lindley is an unlikely rebel, but a rebellion this is. Not only is she rebelling against mainstream beauty standards, but also against photography culture itself, which emphasizes those standards at the cost of everyone who doesn’t meet them.

“Most photographers will build a portfolio that’s aspirational. They’ll hire young, conventionally attractive mainstream models and use only those models’ photos in their advertising and on their websites,” Lindley says.

“Not only does that feel pretty exclusive to those of us who fall outside that, it skews what we see as normal. When all the bodies you see online and in the media are young, thin, small and white, it’s not aspirational, it’s exclusionary. I don’t want to make sales and book clients at the risk of perpetuating those standards and making people feel bad about the bodies they have today.”

After snapping off a few more shots (stopping to rearrange the model’s legs slightly to better accommodate a bad knee), Lindley gives the model a hand up off the couch and sends her off to change back into street clothing. The images they’ve just captured will be added to Lindley’s portfolio and shared online, but — again, unlike most photographers — won’t be retouching her model to look thinner. She only performs subtle skin smoothing, blemish removal and a few small tweaks to her subjects’ eyes.

“If you think about it, it’s kind of gross, giving people china doll skin and radioactively white eyes and teeth, and giving their bodies fake curves or taking them away. I think you’re good enough to take your money as a client, but not good enough to honor the body you have in reality? I’d rather take the bodies people have and work with them to make them look amazing than fake it,” Lindley says.

These photos will be seen around the world as part of the growing body positivity movement. Activists and enthusiasts are incorporating the principles of body acceptance into their lives, and companies including DoveGlamour, and Teen Vogue are getting in on the act.

Visit Lindley’s website at www.bodyliberationphotos.com to see more of her work.